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By engaging to rent The Grip Studios (herein after referred to as the “studio”) you, the undersigned (herein referred to as the “Renter”), hereby state that you have read, fully understand and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


1. Payment & Invoicing:

A. Payment terms: Renter will provide full payment for all reservations of studio space in UAE funds. Renter’s date will not be held until this payment is received and cleared.

B. Refunds: Payment is not refunded unless notice of cancellation is made at least 72 hours before Renter’s reservation date (Renter will receive a full refund if cancellations occur prior to 72 hours before the reserved date). If the Studio must cancel Renter’s reservation, Renter will receive a full refund. Payment for Renter’s rental must be received before Renter’s reserved time begins. Studio reserves the right to refuse reservations at its sole discretion.

C. Invoicing: The Renter will receive a credit card booking link along with their invoice to confirm the studio booking. All payments are to be made upfront. (50% Booking upfront via online payment link, bank transfer or cash and 50% on day of studio use OR 100% upfront via Credit card payment, Bank transfer or Cash prior to booking date)


2. Length of Use:

Hourly rental periods are 60 minutes. Half day rental periods are 4.5 hours. Full day rental periods are 9 hours. Studio clean up must be completed by the end of the rental period. If the studio is not satisfactorily returned to the state it was prior to the rental period, a clean-up fee will be assessed as per the current studio rate sheet. Overtime will be calculated in increments of 1-hour blocks beyond the contracted end-time of the rental period when renter is either still using or cleaning up the studio space. Overtime fees will be assessed as per the Studio Rate sheet.

Do not arrive late - Renter’s rental time begins promptly at the designated starting time and ends promptly at the designated ending time. There will be NO exceptions.

Studio Booking Hours:

Full day (9 hours) – Option 1: 8AM-5PM, Option 2: 9AM-6PM

Half day (4.5 hours) – Option 1: 8AM-12:30PM, Option 2: 9AM-1:30PM, Option 3: 12:30PM-5PM, Option 4: 1:30PM-6PM

Bookings before or after specified hours above will be considered as overtime and fees will be applied.

For more information on our Studio and Equipment Rental and Rates:

Studio Rental Agreement

Equipment Rental Agreement

Studio Rental Rates (Last updated March2018)

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